Institution Rep RSVP forms

Please see registration forms for each of the TIS events for the year.

Note that it is expected that all TIS rep attendees can at least panel a presentation session. We do not expect that new staff should be able to chair, but can do after some time as a panel.

Download a printable copy of our all 2019 events: TIS Event Calendar

2019 Events

Western District TIS, 26th – 28th March

Shepparton TIS,  6th May

Bendigo TIS, 7th – 8th May

Ballarat TIS, 9th May

Gippsland TIS, 13th – 15th May

Berwick TIS, 16th – 17th May

Northern Metro TIS, 20th – 21st May

Waverley TIS, 3rd June

Peninsula TIS , 4th June

City TIS, 17th – 18th June

Eastern TIS, 19th June

North East TIS, 21st June

Central Highlands TIS, 24th- 25th June

Western Metro TIS, 17th – 18th July

Loddon TIS, 22nd – 25th July

Geelong TIS, 26th  July

Tasmania TIS, 30th July – 31st July