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Please click the link below to register your school for the TIS event you wish to attend. A TIS representative will be in contact with you to confirm your attendance.

Download a printable copy of our all 2019 events: TIS Event Calendar

2019 Events

Western District TIS, 26th – 28th March

Shepparton TIS,  6th May

Bendigo TIS, 7th – 8th May

Ballarat TIS, 9th May

Gippsland TIS, 13th – 15th May

Berwick TIS, 16th – 17th May

Northern Metro TIS, 20th – 21st May

Waverley TIS, 3rd June

Peninsula TIS , 4th June

City TIS, 17th – 18th June

Eastern TIS, 19th June

North East TIS, 21st June

Central Highlands TIS, 24th- 25th June

Western Metro TIS, 17th – 18th July

Loddon TIS, 22nd – 25th July

Geelong TIS, 26th  July

Tasmania TIS, 30th July – 31st July